Wirow — full-featured open source video conferencing for business

Wirow — full-featured open source video conferencing for business

Extremely easy

to deploy

Download one binary and run it on your server right away
Open source
Wirow is an open source software and is accessible for audit.
You own
your data
Protect your data, users, and video recordings on your own server
What is WIROW?

Super easy set-up

Get the app binary
or compile from sources
Run it on your server
Share a meeting link with colleagues and other attendees
  • A full featured self-hosted video web-conferencing platform shipped as a single executable
  • Compatible with any cloud provider such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean
  • Works on any Linux machine


You will need your copy of the Wirow binary to run it on your server. We are offering two options to get the binary of the Wirow server.

Option 1: Compile latest stable version of Wirow on our build infrastructure

We will automatically fetch the latest stable version of Wirow sources and in real-time compile Wirow binary customized and branded for your company. Once compilation is done (usually takes a few minutes) you will receive an email containing the binary and simple instructions to run it.
Company name
Wirow server will be branded for your company
This email will receive freshly compiled Wirow binary

Option 2: Compile Wirow yourself on your build machine

You will need a Linux or FreeBSD machine with installed build tools and libraries:
  • Git
  • CMake v3.18+
  • GNU Make, autoconf, automake, libtool, ninja (optional)
  • Nodejs v16+ and Yarn package manager v1.22+
  • Clang C/C++ compiler v10+ or GCC v9+
  • yasm assembler (yasm) needed by FFmpeg
  • Python 3 pip package manager (python3-pip)

Please fetch the latest stable Wirow source code with the following command and then follow instructions from the README.md file.

git clone https://github.com/wirow-io/wirow-server.git

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